"On the way to 100% slave free"

Tony Chocolonely learns a hard lesson: Fairtrade doesn’t necessarily mean slave free.

The founding father, Teun van de Keuken, visits Ghana and discovers a Fairtrade certificate only goes so far. The cocoa beans are not always 100% slave free.

Then Bellissimo decides to take legal action. According to the Swiss chocolate brand, ‘slave free chocolate doesn’t exist’, which is why such a claim would be harmful to other chocolate makers. The judge votes in favour of Tony’s.

However, Tony Chocolonely changes ‘100% slave free’ to ‘on the way to 100% slave free chocolate’, as a lot needs to be accomplished before chocolate is really slave free.

Finally, the day arrives that the court of justice gives its final decision. The outcome is quite disappointing: though Teun wins a moral victory in his case against himself as a chocolate criminal, the court won’t prosecute. If it did, it would have to prosecute everyone who eats chocolate.

Shortly afterwards, the Keuringsdienst van Waarde airs its final episode on the abuses of the chocolate industry. In the meantime, Tony’s continues its battle for 100% slave free chocolate. For instance, their family starts to expand and they collaborate with Oxfam Novib to ensure all choco friends can enjoy a fairer chocolate letter at Sinterklaas (a Dutch holiday celebrating Saint Nicholas, the patron saint for children).