"Roadmap to 100% slave free chocolate"

Tony’s is continuously working on their mission of only having 100% slave free chocolate in the world.

  • 2005

    Tony's creates awareness

    Tony’s wants to let all chocolate lovers know that there is a problem in the cocoa industry. When more people know there is a problem, more people can solve it. Consumers also have a responsibility. Together, we can put pressure on the industry to make better and more fair choices. For example: Tony’s creates unequally divided bars.

  • 2012

    Tony's leads by example

    Leading by example: With their chocolate, Tony’s shows that they can do business another way. Without slavery.

  • The sooner, the better

    Tony's inspires to act

    Tony’s wants to inspire others to also take action. They look for chocolate producers who want to follow them and use their principles. Only then, we can make 100% slave free chocolate the norm!